Visual storytelling

Whether you need to describe your placemaking work, answer a call for tenders or tell the story of an urban project… Remember: a picture is worth a thousand words!

With visual storytelling, I turn your message into lively illustrations that people will understand, enjoy and remember.


Tell the story of your placemaking project in a memorable way


Simplify complex information and make it accessible for all


Connect with the community through images that break language barriers


Show that it’s possible to bring about change in the places we love

Illustrate your message

Visual booklet

To tell the story of an experience, project or community in a memorable way


Large-scale posters as a tangible reminder of what the project stands for, and what is important

Digital content

Simple, clear and captivating visuals that stand out online or in your next call for tenders

Comic strips

Hand-drawn illustrations to raise awareness, inform, or support change

Communicate your urban strategy, vision or process
in a clear, short and engaging format

“We really liked Mathilde’s creativity, her quick understanding of our needs and objectives, and her responsiveness to our comments and our tight schedule. It was a pleasure to work with you and we are very happy with the result!”

Margot Auvray, project manager at City-Neo

“I really appreciated Mathilde’s great insight in community building, that made it easy for her to visualize a very complex field in a way that is easy to understand.”

Jesper Koefoed-Melson, owner at Vida Local & Kulturdistriktet

I've got your back

Smooth collaboration

I guide you through every stage of the design process while ensuring your feedback is heard, and the final result is aligned with your vision

Fluent in your jargon

With my urban planning and placemaking experience, I quickly understand your project and can make relevant recommendations

Tailored to you

I create unique hand drawn visuals that are suited to you and your specific audience

Past projects