Børrebråten: collecting the voices of the fjord

For this project, we dive into Norway, specifically an area along the picturesque Oslo fjord which is under consideration for redevelopment. Before taking any decision, it’s crucial to connect with the local community, understand their perspective, and discover what they value about the area, as well as their concerns.

COurban Design Collective is running the participatory process and socio-cultural analysis on site. They reached out to me to help design a neighbours meeting. The objective of this meeting (held in Norway) was to collect people’s knowledge about the area in the most effective way possible.

In this case, relying on visual tools was even more important since the workshop was to take place in a cabin on site, where there was no access to a projector / screen or a reliable internet connection. Meanwhile, it was also crucial to establish trust with the participants who might arrive with prejudices about the developer’s intentions. The visuals were helpful in creating an atmosphere where they felt comfortable and could fully engage in the exercise, by being themselves.

Together, we developed an interactive session that focused on collecting the neighbours best memories and experiences of the area. We aimed to understand what they valued most about the place’s unique qualities, as well as collect their questions and concerns regarding the potential development of the area.

I meticulously crafted a dozen of visual posters to make it easier for Bettina to collect information and structure the meeting when she would be in Norway. Writing in Norwegian was a bit tricky – very close to Danish, yet another language! 🤪

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