Making placemaking visible

Illustrating the invisible roots that help the city grow

The Urban Mycelium:
Invisible work, visible impact

As a placemaker, you know it takes more than just good buildings to create vibrant, thriving cities.

Making the city with people (and not only for them) is key in shaping better places and more resilient communities. But it can be hard to demonstrate the value of this invisible and complex process. 

Just like the mycelium in a forest which helps trees communicate from under the ground, placemaking often takes place in the backstage, through workshops, meetings and private conversations.

We tend to focus on the final, tangible result in the city and overlook the importance of the underlying collaborative process.
Let’s bring the urban mycelium out of the shadow!

Hi! I’m Mathilde

I combine facilitation and illustration to promote and strengthen community engagement in urban planning.

Placemaking is not always visible to the naked eye. But because it’s not tangible or easy to describe… doesn’t mean it’s not important!

I’m here to help passionate urban practitioners like you amplify their voice and illuminate the value of their work, so that they can make a bigger change in our cities and communities.

I do that through live illustration, visual facilitation and placemaker coaching, all from my home office in Copenhagen, Denmark. Join me in making placemaking visible!


Elevate your impact as a Placemaker


Visual storytelling

Illustrate the value of your placemaking work with visuals that people will remember


Visual facilitation

Improve collaboration between the actors of the urban project and increase citizen engagement


Placemakers' circle

Overcome isolation and find solutions to your work situations with fellow placemakers

Placemaking Resources

Boost your placemaking project
with one of these free visual resources!

The Urban Mycelium Blog

Browse the blog to learn more about placemaking, public participation, and human behaviour in urban environments. I also share examples of visual storytelling and graphic recording, as well as insights into the coaching methods I use to support placemakers in their work.

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Let's elevate your impact

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